Value-Added Services (VAS)​

Value-Added Services (VAS)

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Next Generation Voicemail

A multi-tenant, multi-language voicemail solution for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), MVNOs, MVNEs, and Cable Operators.

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Contact Center

A multichannel communication solution that enables you to track customer interactions and facilitates effective communications.

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Know Your Customer

A solution that gives MNOs, MVNOs, MVNEs, enterprises, and companies of all types the ability to securely identify customers.

Our unique, adaptive, and ingenious platforms offer new revenue opportunities to Service Providers by continuously automating and strategizing solutions aimed towards a diverse clientele. Our non-core services create a stronger rapport between SPs and their end-users by effectively diversifying our portfolio of amenities because we understand that today’s complex service creation environment requires a new generation of technologies and enablers.

Our company offers a single, multi-technology, and multi-vendor environment for next-generation service lifecycle management from concept to cash, including service creation, deployment, and execution. This platform leverages open standards to integrate critical enablers which then enables better collaboration with internal and third-party sources. Our VAS Solutions integrate new services more rapidly, including leading-edge components such as IP video, mobility, and cloud-based services while simultaneously supporting end-to-end device management. 

Our Value-Added Services ensure wider service availability, optimized ROI, and an enhanced customer experience that would all compound to improved revenue growth. With our Solutions, SPs would be able to capitalize on the growing number of mobile users across the globe and efficiently devise new marketing strategies to greatly impact their business standing against competitors in the market. 

Auto Dialler Software - Predictive, Progressive, Preview, Power Diallers

IVR Outbound Dialer

The IVR Outbound Dialer enables organizations to reach out to customers in an effective and efficient manner.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

A multi-tenant solution capable of scaling from a single connection to 5,000+ lines, enabling efficient and intelligent customer engagement.

Intelligent Call Routing System | Convai

Intelligent Call Routing

A web-based service that enables organizations to route calls to pre-defined end destinations based on incoming numbers.

Our company offers a full suite of Value-Added Services (VAS). These can be used in standalone environments and are suitable for any company and any business of any size. Our Value-Added Services can be deployed easily alongside our Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) solutions, including the full MVNO and light MVNO offerings, or our Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) solution.

Our Value-Added Services enable you to differentiate your business by offering a diverse set of solutions aimed at bolstering customer loyalty and driving revenue. They include a variety of multi-tenant, multichannel, and multi-language solutions, ranging from Next Generation Voicemail, to Contact Center, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Missed Call Alert (MCA), and much more.